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About Us

We Have A

Reasonable Vision

Qatari Home Design and Engineering Consultant is currently a registered Grade (A) consultancy firm and has been established in 1986 in Qatar. Qatari Home Design and Engineering Consultant offers a unique and wide range of Engineering expertise that extends to Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Architectural Consultancy Services

As the world is witnessing tremendous progress in the field of urban development and design; we would like to present to you the system of the office during the four decades in the areas of Design, Supervision and Engineering Consultancy, taking into account the development and the modernization of the system in the office, including the global and regional perspectives of such a system in order to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Our History

The office of the Qatari Home for Design & Engineering Consultants was established in 1986 by some elite engineers in different fields who aimed at creating a highly qualified and distinguished team that has a reasonable vision for their country and that was clear and evident in the architectural nature of the projects that the office has designed and implemented by the State of Qatar.

Our Achievements

Since the foundation of “Qatari Home”, in 1986, we started with sure and confidential steps to serve Qatari society and to participate in achieving a high level of urbanization, that keeps face with the modern community and derives its beauty from the original Arab Islamic heritage, by this, we combine between tradition and modernity through which we keep the beautiful touch that is recognized by every visitor to Qatar.

Qatari Home Design and Engineering Consultant is a full service consulting engineering firm that offers public and private clients multi-disciplined expertise and comprehensive services.

We specialize in architectural design, structural design, civil engineering, design of firefighting & fire alarm systems, building services design and project management services. We undertake commercial, industrial, residential land development, renovation and conservation projects for Government, Corporations and private owners. Our dedication to each project is unmatched, however big or small it is.

Qatari Home Design and Engineering Consultant strive to finish every project on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards irrespective of the project’s size and complexity.